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Post  Fast Fingers on Sat Jun 14, 2008 7:17 pm

Right as everyone sould know im a MGS "Fanboy" so i am going to give it a good review, But i dont see how anyone cant as this MGS is the best out of all the games this one will blow you away if your a fan of MGS you will be very happen with the story as they answer every thing you need to know. Some big twists in the game at many points i was like "OMG" "NO SHIT" "LOL" "YOU BITCH" "GOOD OR BAD" "SNAAAKKKEEEE" and many more. So im very happy at what Hideo has done he is a Legend in my and many peoples eyes.

So if your a MGS fan and know the games you will love this one as there are many flashbacks and many twist as the old ones if your not a fan and havnt played any of the MGS what are you doing go buy them!!! but you will still enjoy the story and the gameplay. I will talk more on this weeks Podcast!

Solid (Old) Snake your a Legend! 10/10

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